About Andrea

Andrea Michelle: Psychic Medium - Intuitive Card Readings

Andrea has been reading the Tarot from the age of ten . Having had experiences from even earlier, her senses run high in sound (clairauditory), premonitions (clairvoyant), and scent (clairscentient). Described by clients as everything from "very factual" to affectionately being nicknamed the "Massachusetts Medium"; her job history has been quite literally from "hands on" experience. "No matter what job I've carried the 'antenna' has always been on", says Andrea. Whether in private or group settings readings are for her a "language" .

What can a reading do?

Readings are an individual experience that can help in anything from relationship issues, stress levels, to closure with passed loved ones. Although every reading is different, it is not uncommon for information from loved ones who have passed over to come through . The experience of a reading can help people cope, get answers to tough questions and gain a higher level of understanding of themselves. It helps them in dealing with a chaotic world. What I frequently hear from clients is that they are able to take a deep breath and say they "plain old" feel better.